Kent LTA League - Match Reports

Audrey Goodworth, Tricia Wallis, Janice McConnell, Julia Smith

Ladies 1 Division 5 Final - 16th March 2019

The Ladies 1 team, having been unbeaten in the winter league played their final on Saturday against Brenchley & Matfield on their clay courts. The weather conditions were atrocious with gusts of gale force winds, and periodically drizzle too. To add to the problems Tricia & Audrey had to play on a court where the net was not fastened down therefore most of the match it was horizontal and bobbing up and down.

Tricia and Audrey beat both pairs in two sets with Janice and Julia losing both rubbers but one of them in 3 sets therefore securing the win by that very important extra set!

Audrey Goodworth, 02 May 2019

Andy Shumacker, Will Pook, Jim Coffey, Richard Brooks

Mens 2 - September 2018

For the last decade Four Men have dominated world tennis but now at last, in 2018, there’s a new Big Four in town. And that town, well village actually, is Trottiscliffe!  The four meeting and greeting their destiny were our very own Federer impresario, Wilf Brooks, Andy, ‘I can chase everything down like Rafa’ Shumacker, nerveless Novak clone Will Pook, and he of the Andy Murray limp, Jim Coffey. Pitted against our heroes were the prime of Bearsted. A fine and noble challenge indeed!
Cheered on by the Pimms crowd the Big Four went soberly about their business. Andy and Wilf, eschewing any sense of the dramatic, raced through their opening match winning 6-1 6-1 in a frenzy of controlled aggression that had applause ringing out. Will and Jim stuck steadfastly to a very different script – lose the first set and see what happens. Having dug themselves into a hole, they gradually, began to dig themselves out of it. As all around people went home or grew visibly older, we waxed and our opponents waned just enough for us to come through 7-5 in a gruelling third set. Two rubbers up at half way, surely not even we could throw this one away?
And so it proved. Andy and Wilf took advantage of the worn out husks that Jim and Will had left them to play against in their second rubber, quickly winning 6-2,6-1 to ensure the trophy was ours. Jim and Will, thoughtfully not wishing to outshine the ladies 3-1 victory that morning, made a meal of losing their match, and just before dark managed to do exactly that.
A big thank you to everyone who came to watch, and to Martin Jenner for helping to get us to the final. The task next year is to get both Men’s teams into the play off final against each other – a prospect I think both teams would savour!
Jim Coffey – Mens 2 Captain, 13 Sep 2018

Ginny Walliker, Sally Stowell, Ginny Jones, Janice McConnell

Ladies 2 - September 2018

I am proud to say we won division 6A.  A big thank you goes to my regular team players also to Julia Smith and Sam Piper who played during the season.  Being promoted to division 5 next summer is a first for TTC – having our Ladies 2 team in such a high division.
The final was played on Saturday 8 September at Trottiscliffe.  Jan and I lost our first rubber in 2 straight sets against their first pair whereas Sally and Ginny beat their second pair in 3 sets.  At changeover, we had everything to play for as we were effectively one set down.  Ginny and Sally beat their first pair in 3 sets. So, having won our first set and lost the second, Jan and I knew we had to win the third to stand any chance of winning the final.  With spectators from both clubs watching whilst enjoying a glass of Pimms, the pressure was on but to our relief, we did!  The final scores meant we won by 3-1 in rubbers, 6-5 sets and 38-37 in games. It really was that close!!
Please can I also offer many thanks to our spectators who I hope enjoyed the tennis. I’m sure they’d all agree we kept them entertained.

Ginny Jones –  Ladies 2 Captain, 12-Sep-2018

Steve Moody, Dick Hogbin, John Bennett, Richard Olke

Mens Senior Vets - March 2018

The men’s over 60s team have won promotion to division 3 of the Kent LTA Winter league. With wins over Hartley, Margate, Canterbury and Maidstone the team ended with a 13-3 rubbers record.
The players involved were John Bennett and Richard Olke (first pair) and a mixture of Martin Jenner, Steve Moody and Dick Hogbin (second pair). During one match John and Richard won a championship tie break 10-0 which must surely be some sort of club record.

Dick Hogbin – Mens Vets Captain 22-Mar-2018

Tricia Wallis, Audrey Goodworth, Annette Eccott, Fran Bennett

Ladies Midweek - June 2017

Congratulations to the club’s Ladies Midweek Team who won all their matches in the 2017 summer season and for coming top of Ladies Midweek Division 2.

All the matches were won with a scoreline of three sets to one, together with a 4-0 win over David Lloyd Dartford.  The first match was held at the beginning of April against a strong Herne Bay team and the final match was played on Thursday 8-June-2017 with an away victory against Sevenoaks II.
The Trottiscliffe Ladies Midweek team now look forward to returning to Division 1 for the 2018 summer season.

Audrey Goodworth – Team Captain

Ginny Walliker, Fran Bennett, Sue Gilroy, Sally Stowell

Ladies Vets - April 2016

Trottiscliffe LTC hosted the Ladies Vets Div 4 Finals on Sunday 3 April 2016 playing against Chipstead Place LTC.  Both teams had comfortably won their own sections to reach the final but on the day, Chipstead proved to be the stronger team and won 4-0 after some long matches and many hard fought points.  To celebrate both clubs achievement, cake and fizz were enjoyed by all to toast a very successful season. TTC would like to thank Gill Olke, Claire Fraser and Sue Piper who had all played for the team during the season.
Sue Gilroy – Ladies Vets 2 Captain

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